Fischer Is For Healthcare

Dr. Fischer is an Equal Rights and Civil Rights proponent. A Vietnam Veteran and a retired Clinical Psychologist, he understands that everyone deserves the basic rights to liberty, freedom, happiness, and health.

Expanding Medicaid would help to ease much of the suffering affecting the vulnerable citizens around us. Our fellow community members should not have to go bankrupt because of medical bills, or die because of a lack of preventive healthcare. SC is one of the 13 states that decided that it’s okay for the less fortunate to struggle if they get sick. Of the 37 states (D.C. included) that have expanded Medicaid, the citizens that benefit the most are hard-working people in low-wage jobs that do not offer health insurance – such as sales clerks, restaurant servers, cooks, and home health aides.

A healthier community leads to a more productive and healthy workforce – which in turn strengthens our area’s overall economy.

Compassion and humanity extend beyond healthcare, of course. Greater efforts are needed to thwart violence to women and children, to end discrimination, and to fight the medical emergency of addiction in our area neighborhoods. Building more domestic violence shelters and treatment centers is just as important to building a stronger community.

Education, understanding, and spreading awareness is a step onto the path of healing depression and fear – the underlying causes of many physical ailments and addictions. Ensuring that each person has access to affordable medical and mental health care is something we can no longer delay.

We can all work together to improve the lives of our children, our neighbors, our seniors, and our overall way of life here in South Carolina.

Born and raised in New York, Bruce Fischer joined the United States Army in 1966. After earning his Army Aviator wings, he began piloting CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

At the age of 19, he was deployed to Vietnam. His conduct earned him numerous decorations, and after he completed his tour of duty, he was selected to be an Army flight instructor.

Upon leaving the military, Bruce worked and studied to earn his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from SUNY-Stony Brook. His career path took him to private practice, large hospital systems, and academia.

An experienced medical professional, Bruce believes that healthcare is a human right – which is why he will work to encourage expanding Medicaid and Medicare.

Bruce lives in Longs, South Carolina. He enjoys spending time with his children, Michelle and Ian, and their families.