I strongly support the movement toward greater (and ultimately complete) reliance on renewable energy. Fossil fuels, while still abundant, are finite. Once exhausted, they are gone forever. Eventually we will have to use energy alternatives, and greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

We all must share great concern about the role of greenhouse gases resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. Climate change is occurring and we need to take actions to attempt to slow it down while we strengthen our state’s infrastructure in order to withstand the increased strong weather effects. While many republicans deny that there is a problem, countless citizens face devastating storms and floods of which there is little escape. Harnessing solar and wind power does not produce any greenhouse gases, and are the two cheapest ways to produce electricity per kilowatt hour – with solar power being the cheapest.

Solar energy has been creating countless new jobs in the installation field. I want to encourage the manufacturing of solar panels, storage battery manufacturing industries, and other clean energy jobs here in Horry County.