Voting Rights

I strongly agree with President Obama that we should be strengthening voting rights, not weakening them. Republicans have been putting up barriers, making it harder and harder for people who might vote Democratic, to vote. They have worked to purge voter rolls, and to reduce the number of polling places – while also making them more difficult to access. The current republicans in office have fought to reduce or eliminate early voting.

Locally, we have seen two polling places at Coastal Carolina University closed without warning, with no instructions for students regarding how or where else to go place their vote. We need to make it easier to vote, not harder, by instituting early voting at more than one location. Each voting location needs to be easily accessible for our elderly and disabled citizens as well. Our state needs many new voting machines which are absolutely secure, and for each vote to have a paper trail of proof. Automatic Voter Registration would allow and encourage more young people to vote. Voting is our American right!

For more information about registering to vote in South Carolina,
visit the South Carolina State Election Commission website.